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Workforce Development

The Urban League’s Workforce Development program assists unemployed or underemployed individuals within Chattanooga. The Urban League Workforce Program aligns its services with the WOIA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) in order to ensure that individuals are well equipped with the skills needed to obtain employment. These job training services will include computer training, job searching, resume building, and interview preparation. The program also provides annual job fairs, resume building classes, computer coding classes, and employer informational sessions. 

The program objectives are designed to assist individual’s opportunities for employment, education, and further training and services to be competitive in the labor market and suitable to the demands of employers in the global economy. 

Food Industry Scholarship Available!

The Ben’s Original Seat at the Table Fund Scholarship is available for those pursuing certificate programs and two-and-four-year degree programs. Please note that applicants can be anywhere in their course of study and need not be first-year students.

The scholarship is specific to majors in the food industry and provides up to $25,000 per student. More information about eligibility requirements is on the scholarship application page.


Apply here: Ben's Original Seat at the Table Fund Scholarship (

Job Resources

Now Hiring:

Members of Chattanooga’s minority contractor community are invited to participate in Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) EnergyRight Residential Services Minority Contractor Training Program. The program, offered in partnership with Tennessee Urban League Affiliates (TULA), was created in 2019 to train interested minority contractors on improving home energy efficiency while expanding TVA's Quality Contractor Network (QCN).

TVA developed the EnergyRight Residential Services Program to certify contractors to weatherize homes across its seven-state service area (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia). TVA has developed the QCN as part of the EnergyRight Solutions program. QCN members have the skills and the knowledge to help customers identify upgrades and/or systems, install them properly, service any equipment down the road and coordinate financing through local power companies.

Contractors who own their companies are invited to participate in CO.STARTERS, a training program that concentrates on improving the skills necessary to manage a successful business. Areas of emphasis include financial management, marketing, sales, customer service, communication and negotiation, delegation and time management, problem solving and networking.

In partnership with CLEAResult, a leader in transforming energy challenges into efficiency solutions, TULA provides QCN Certification Training, which is targeted to contractors who have completed business skills training and are ready for the process of obtaining certification on the ten services outlined in the EnergyRight Residential Services program. QCN members are required to provide services according to TVA EnergyRight Residential Services guidelines.

Contractors who complete the program have the skills, mindset and knowledge to identify necessary energy upgrades and service equipment, which will ultimately reduce homeowners’ total energy expenditures while improving their health and safety. Through the EnergyRight Residential Services program, homeowners can connect with these trained QCN members to complete home energy upgrades and receive more efficiency recommendations.

Additional training programs are available throughout the year for interested minority contractors. To learn more about the program and upcoming training opportunities, please contact Robin Sturnes at

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