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Inclusion By Design Executive Leadership Program (IBD) is a multi-faceted executive leadership development program. The IDB program strives specifically to create a pipeline of competitive, highly skilled leaders - people of color and women - who are prepared to function successfully in an executive assignment. Graduates of the program are equipped with the knowledge and skills to function successfully in an executive leadership role, to navigate gender, racial and cultural biases well, to foster a more competitive, creative and innovative workplace and to fuel growth.


Who Should Attend

The Inclusion By Design Executive Leadership Program is designed for women and people of color (a) who are already functioning at the senior level and experiencing success in their current role, but who have a desire and the capacity to grow; (b) who have been identified by executive management to have executive management level potential; or (c) who have great technical skills, but need to learn to think more strategically and to focus on impact. Each IBD participant must be nominated for the program by an executive of their respective companies.


Key Benefits

For companies and organizations that believe diversity is a competitive strength, the Inclusion by Design Executive Leadership Program provides a local opportunity to invest in their high-potential leaders and to create their company’s in-house pipeline of diverse, highly skilled executive-level talent.


Participants in each cohort will complete the program with an articulated personal leadership philosophy, an understanding of best practices of executives, an awareness of culture diversity and its relevance to successful executive leadership, and an expanded leadership style.



The Inclusion by Design Executive Leadership Program is structured around six executive leadership sessions, eight executive coaching sessions and two community engagement activities spread over the eight-month program duration.

2023 Schedule

Session 1: May 3-4

Session 2: June 15

Session 3: July 20

Session 4: August 17

Session 5: September 21

Session 6: October 19

Program Fees

Tuition:  $7,500.00



Sponsoring companies and organizations agree to fully support their employee’s overall participation in the IBD program, including paying program fees.  


Participants accepted into the IBD program must attend and fully participate in a minimum of 90% of sessions and activities, and must complete 100% of their executive coaching sessions to qualify for graduation from the program. Click here for the 2023 Fact Sheet.

Application is Now Closed. 

PREMIER SPONSOR:  BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

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